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Artisan Dairy Producer Food Safety Initiative

The Artisan Dairy Producer Food Safety Initiative is a practical, hands-on outreach program designed to make the Food Safety Modernization Act a workable reality for Wisconsin’s many artisan dairy manufacturers.  This program is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture – National Institute of Food and Agriculture, and spearheaded by WCMA and the Center for Dairy Research.

The  Initiative features four regional workshops led by WCMA staff, CDR's Marianne Smukowski, Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board's Matt Mathison, and Initiative Food Safety Educators Jim Mueller and Larry Bell, who will explain how to create a FSMA-compliant facility plan and provide participants with materials to begin plan development.  135 cheese manufacturers and processors from Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa are set to attend workshops.

Following workshops, Initiative Food Safety Educators will visit 50 dairy product manufacturing or processing plants to evaluate existing operations and to assist in the completion of new FSMA-compliant facility plans.

This initiative will also ensure that there is ongoing industry-wide FSMA education, via the Food Safety Educators’ development of online resources like webinars and FAQs, bimonthly newspaper columns and submissions to magazines, and via on-call consulting availability.  Watch this site for materials.

For more information on this program, or to sign-up for free training and consultations, contact WCMA’s Rebekah Sweeney at 608-828-4550 or rsweeney@wischeesemakers.org.