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Training Programs

WCMA educational programs strengthen and grow the dairy industry.  Here’s a look at programs we currently sponsor and promote:

In response to member demand, WCMA has launched a new training program for front-line supervisors, focused on leadership essentials, including decision-making, problem-solving, and conflict management and resolution.  Learn more about it here.

This course is open to WCMA cheese manufacturer and processor members, as well as supplier members.  You can register online for the January 30 training here or for the February 7 training here.  Questions can be directed to WCMA’s Communications and Policy Manager Rebekah Sweeney at rsweeney@wischeesemakers.org.

Cheesemaking Employees

Certificate in Dairy Processing

In 2016, WCMA teamed up with Center for Dairy Research to launch this new ten-week short course for plant workers and operators. Ten distinct weekly modules provide clear understanding of all dairy plant processes.  Using practical applications and a system of mentors, coupled with online learning sessions, this program ensures participants are immersed in everything from food safety to ingredients, and cheesemaking to safe packaging.  Learn more here.

Certificate Class 3