Cheese Maker - Browntown, WI

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Job Title: Cheese Maker

Company:  V & V Supremo Foods

Location: Browntown, WI


The cheese maker will be responsible for coordinating production schedules and the making of the cheese at the vats. Monitoring and controlling cheese make vats, using touch control screens and monitoring pH meters and EFVs. Duties will also require various CIP systems for cleaning the vats, curd lines and other systems. Cheese maker must be able make decisions and accurately to record the data required for all of the processes.

Essential Responsibilities: 

  • Knowledge and understanding GMP’s
  • Ability to read chart, setting, gauges and thermometers
  • Feel of curd
  • Stir out time
  • Pre down
  • Pump over
  • Knowledge of sampling equipment and sample handling and storage
  • Documents all runs for the production day
  • Accurately run all tests necessary for quality control
  • Checks and documents product temperatures, times
  • Perform all other assignments as required

Experience, Skills and Abilities: 

  • Must be a licensed cheesemaker
  • Position is third shift Sunday-Thursday 10pm-6am
  • Regular overtime will be required.
  • Knowledge of proper use of equipment, materials and supplies
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to lift heavy objects, walk and stand for long periods of
  • Ability to communicate orally and in writing.
  • Ability to use equipment and tools properly and safely
  • Understand the importance of good sanitation, personal hygiene and GMP’s
  • Ability to clearly document information
  • Ability to climb, squat, bend, kneel and lift minimum 50 lbs.
Cheese Maker and Pasteurization License

Hours/Employment Type: Full Time

Salary: $25-$30/hr

How to Apply:

Contact: Email Ralph Valentine or call (608) 439-5133.