Foodshare Restrictions

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TheWisconsin CheeseMakersAssociation opposesAssemblyBill530,which standstofurtherrestrict
the foods that low-income individuals may purchase with FoodShare dollars.

Our Concerns:

Limiting the use ofFoodShare benefitstothe purchaseoffoods andbeverageswith "significant nutritional value" is highly subjective language. Past incarnations of this proposal, which WCMA has opposed, called into question the dietary value of many dairy products, including butter, various cheeses, sour cream, and yogurts. This bill leaves a determination on "significant nutritional value"to a Department of Health Services nutritionist, who may or may not approve of dairy products; this poses a threat to our industry.

Our industry is also concerned over the fiscal estimate of this proposed pilot program's nine-year life; we believe the $12 million it is estimated to cost taxpayers could better be spent in numerous ways, including but not limited to: workforce development programs, transportation improvement projects, and rural economic development.

Our Requests:

We ask that lawmakers in theAssembly vote againstAB530. We askSenate leaders not to schedule
the bill for a vote.

Please direct any questions to WCMA Communications and Policy Director Rebekah Sweeney
at or by calling 608-286-1001. Thank you.