Cheese Maker

Career Opportunities,

Job Title: Cheese Maker 

Company: Springside Cheese Corp.

Location: Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

Description: As a Cheese Maker, you will be responsible for the entire cheese production process, ensuring exceptional quality and consistency. Your key responsibilities include:

  • Team Management: Lead a team of production staff, providing guidance, training, and support.
  • Coordinate work schedules and tasks, ensuring efficient and productive operations.
  • Production Oversight: Engage in all stages of cheese production, from sourcing milk and ingredients to final packaging. Develop and maintain standardized processes and procedures to ensure consistent quality.
  • Recipe Development and Innovation: Develop and refine cheese recipes, experimenting with flavors and textures to create unique and marketable cheese varieties. Implement new techniques and technologies to improve production efficiency and product quality.
  • Quality Control: Ensure adherence to strict quality standards throughout the production process. Conduct regular quality checks and tastings to maintain exceptional standards.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Oversee maintenance and cleanliness of cheese-making equipment, ensuring proper functionality and safety.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with all health and safety regulations and maintain records for inspections and audits. Maintain detailed records of production processes, temperatures, and any deviations to ensure traceability and quality control. 

Experience, Skills and Abilities: 

  • Wisconsin Cheese Maker’s License or acquisition of license within 6 months of hire date.
  • Several years of experience in cheese making, with a proven track record of managing a team and production processes.
  • Strong leadership and team management skills, with the ability to inspire and guide a team.
  • Expert knowledge of cheese-making processes, techniques, and equipment.
  • Exceptional attention to detail, precision, and commitment to producing high-quality cheese.
  • Ability to problem-solve, troubleshoot, and innovate within the cheese-making process. Strong communication and organizational skills.
  • Familiarity with or become familiar with HACCP, food safety, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) within 6 months of hire date.
  • Physical stamina to walk/stand for long periods of time, and the ability to lift 50 pounds frequently, occasionally up to 80 pounds. 

Hours/Employment Type: Full Time

Salary/Wages: Based on experience

How to Apply: Visit our online posting

Questions? Please contact Keith Hintz at or (920) 829-6395