Fall 2022 Offerings

WCMA Front-Line Leadership Trainings

WCMA's popular Front-Line Leadership Classes are designed for new and seasoned supervisors of focused teams, and will help build their skillset in the areas of conflict resolution, communication, stress and time management, and the cultivation of a team mentality.

Classes are offered à la carte, and may be taken in any order. Tuition for each course is $135 per person.

Winter/Spring 2023

Front-Line Leadership courses in the Winter/Spring of 2023 will be offered virtually, allowing participants to join live online from anywhere in the world.

Front-Line Leadership: Virtual Tracks

Members with questions or who would like to join the waitlist for a training may contact WCMA Senior Director of Programs & Policy Rebekah Sweeney.

WCMA Advanced Leadership Series

The highly rated WCMA Advanced Leadership Series is designed for mid-level managers and employees transitioning to such positions. The series also features guest speakers from industry detailing their leadership successes and challenges, and requires participants to complete projects to implement and demonstrate their new knowledge. Enrollment is limited to 20 individuals, who participate in all sessions together as a cohort to better facilitate relationships. The cost for the entire series is $495 per participant.

Fall 2023

WCMA's Advanced Leadership Series will be held in a virtual format, meaning that participants may join each interactive session live online, from anywhere in the world.  Note: A device with audio and visual capabilities is required for those participating in this series.

  • Part 1 on Tuesday, September 19 pushes participants to take initiative in driving change and generating positive results for their company.
  • Part 2 on Wednesday, November 1 focuses on the development and application of a creative and collaborative problem-solving process.
  • Part 3 on Tuesday, January 9, 2024 details the tools and strategies leaders can use to foster collaboration and resolve workplace conflict.

WCMA Next Step Leadership Training

WCMA's Next Step Leadership training is open to established leaders and encouraged for those member employees who have completed any of WCMA’s Front-Line Leadership or Advanced Leadership courses. While a refresher on essential skills will always be a part of this course’s curriculum, each session of Next Step Leadership features a unique focus.