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Buttermakers License Apprenticeship (In-Person)

Buttermakers License Apprenticeship (In-Person)

Monday, June 20, 2022 to Friday, June 24, 2022

Event Details

The Buttermakers Apprenticeship Workshop is an intensive five-day course covering buttermaking production principles and technology. CDR created this course for aspiring buttermakers who have completed Buttermaking Fundamentals and/or Advanced Buttermaking and need apprenticeship hours for their buttermakers license. This unique workshop provides the opportunity to complete a 40-hour apprenticeship with Wisconsin licensed buttermakers AND includes unique topics not covered in our other butter short courses. Class size is limited to allow for an interactive hands-on experience. Students will have the opportunity to make unsalted, salted, cultured, high fat/European style, flavored, and blends of butter from mixed milk, sweet, and whey cream. While the butter is churning, CDR and industry experts will share their knowledge on the topics listed below. Please register early, as class size is limited to 12.

Discussion Topics

  • Preparation and Care of Buttermaking Equipment
  • Compositional Analysis of Cream and Butter
  • Blending and Standardizing Cream
  • HTST and Vat Pasteurization of Mixed Milk, Sweet, and Whey Cream
  • Preparation and Use of Buttermaking Ingredients
  • Butter Manufacturing
  • Calculating Yield, Salt, and Moisture Adjustments
  • Helpful Hints with Experienced Batch & Continuous Churn Operators
  • Acidity & Composition Control
  • Food Safety
  • Grading, Sensory Evaluation, and Discussion of Commercial Butter Samples Cream and Butter Analysis Laboratory
  • Defects – Causes and How to Resolve Them
  • General Review for the Buttermakers Exam