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CDR: Advanced Cheese Technology (In-Person)

CDR: Advanced Cheese Technology (In-Person)

Monday, May 9, 2022 to Friday, May 13, 2022

Event Details

You must take Cheesemaking Fundamentals before taking this course. This course will in-person at UW-Madison. You must register by April 22.

The Advanced Cheese Technology Short Course is a five-day course consisting of an intensive four-day covering cheesemaking production principles and technology and an optional hands-on cheese making Lab offered on the 5th-day (Friday). You must complete the Cheesemaking Fundamentals course before registering. This course is designed for students who want to know more about the details of the cheese making process. Completion of this course will give the student six (6) months credit toward the apprenticeship requirement for the state cheesemakers license.

Each Cheese Tech participant must take the Cheesemaking Fundamentals course before registering for this course.
 If you have completed the quizzes from Cheesemaking Fundamentals, you are welcome to sign-up for this course. If you did not complete the quizzes please go back to Cheesemaking Fundamentals in Canvas and complete the course and quizzes. If you sign-up for the Advanced Cheese Tech short course without completing the Cheesemaking Fundamentals quizzes you will be charged a $50 processing fee, removed from the course and issued a refund.

Lecture Topics

  • Dairy Starters/Ripening
  • Standardization of Milk
  • Cheese Yield
  • Coagulants and Coagulation
  • Cheese Chemistry
  • American Cheese Styles
  • Italian Cheese Varieties
  • Swiss and Eye Cheeses
  • Acid Set Cheeses
  • Acid-Heat Coagulated Cheese
  • Mold Ripened Cheeses
  • Surface Ripened Cheeses
  • Cheese Technology
  • Cheese Sensory

The optional cheesemaking Lab will be done by 12 noon on Friday.

Wisconsin Cheesemaker License

Completion of this short course will give the student six months credit toward his or her apprenticeship requirement for the Wisconsin cheesemaker license requirements under ATCP 69.02 (1)(b). If you plan to apply for the Wisconsin cheesemaker license, please contact the Wis. Dept. of Agriculture at: WDATCP, Food Division, P.O. Box 8911, Madison, WI 53708-8911 or call (608) 224-4720 to obtain an application and the exam schedule. The cheesemaker license exam will not be given at the Advanced Cheese Technology Short Course.