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CDR: Processed Cheese (In-Person)

CDR: Processed Cheese (In-Person)

Tuesday, May 23, 2023 to Thursday, May 25, 2023

Event Details

The Processed Cheese Short Course covers the basics of formulation and manufacture of pasteurized processed and cold-pack cheese products. This course will begin with the basic theories and chemistry of processed cheese manufacture and will include the practical aspects of processed cheese making.

Overview of Topics

  • Basic Theories of Processed Cheese Manufacture
  • Properties of Emulsifying Salts
  • Formulation of Processed Cheese
  • Defects Found in Processed Cheese
  • Practical Aspects of Manufacture
  • Assessing Rheological Properties of Processed Cheese
  • Importance of Dairy and Cheese-based Flavors and EMC’s in Processed Cheese
  • Basics of Dairy-based Ingredients Used In Processed Cheese
  • Starch Options and Their Impact on Processed Cheese
  • Stabilizing Options and Their Impact on Processed Cheese (Gums & Hydrocolloids)
  • Behind the Process of Manufacturing Spray-Dried Cheese
  • Use of Colorants and Their Issues in Processed Cheese
  • Manufacture of Cheese Sauces
  • HAACP for Processed Cheese
  • Manufacture of Cold Pack Cheese
  • Use of Preservatives in Processed Cheese
  • Flavorings Used in Processed and Cold Pack Cheeses
  • Basics of Process Cheese Packaging