Artisan Cheese Wheel Finishing Team Member - 2nd Shift

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Job Title: Artisan Cheese Wheel Finishing Team Member - 2nd Shift

Company: Sartori Company

Location: East Main Caves (2 E. Main Street, Plymouth, WI 53073)

Description: The Wheel Treatment Team Member is an important role in manufacturing our award winning cheese. 

This position is responsible for applying our treatments to our retail cheese wheels: Transfers and stages product into assigned work areas. Identifies cheese on hold and issues cheese to work orders. Inspects cheese and materials for mold, direct and other foreign materials. Maintains accurate counts and documentation of cracked wheels. Fills treating tubs with appropriately sized cheese wheels and ingredient for treatment process. Manually turns treated wheels to ensure color enhancement. Manually applies rub ingredients ensuring the entire wheel is evenly covered. Transfers cheese wheels to drying rack for curing and packaging. Tags and packages cheese according to type. Ensures all first in first-in-first-out principles are maintained throughout the manufacturing and packaging process.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Typically warm

SAMPLE WORK SCHEDULE: 12 hour shifts (4 pm - 4 am), 2-2-3 rotating schedule

Experience, Skills and Abilities: MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: High school diploma or equivalency, preferred.

Hours/Employment Type: Full Time. Sample work schedule: 12 hour shifts (4 pm - 4 am), 2-2-3 rotating schedule

Salary: $17.50 + shift premium

Contact: Email Lindsay Muench or call 920-449-7987

How to Apply: Please visit our online posting