Line Attendant - 1st Shift Weekends

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Job Title: Line Attendant - 1st Shift Weekends

Company: Sartori Company

Location: Sartori Whey Converting (W4200 County Highway PP, Plymouth, WI 53073)

Description: This shift allows you to have a work life balance by allowing you to have ample time during the week to spend with your friends and/or family! Great benefits with low premiums and cost!

As a member of the Converting Team, you will be crossed trained in all areas of our converting plant. The Line Attendant moves materials from cartons, loads the processing line, perform equipment change overs and quality checks and packages finished products. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who is interested in long-term leadership opportunities and passionate about making a difference. Removes raw materials from pallets, bags, boxes or totes. Feeds raw materials in correct quantities, based on formulas and product specifications.  Performs general housekeeping for the Converting department including sweeping, removing cardboard, garbage bags and pallets from staging or process area(s). Inspects cheese and materials for mold, dirt or foreign substance.  Cleans cheese with a knife or segregates cheese on a pallet for cleaning as needed. Fills cellulose, salt, and/or ingredient dispenser(s) to maintain supply for production. Performs production equipment change-overs, cleaning, and/or assemblies as required.. Sets up, operates, maintains and sanitizes equipment, using cleaning chemical materials. Prepares and opens bags for packaging wedges. Weighs and labels wedges to established specifications. Inspects, packages and boxes deli-cups, wedges, vacuum packed wheels and bags. Completes all paperwork associated with essential job functions.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Cool environment. Typically 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

SAMPLE WORK SCHEDULE: 12 hour shifts, Saturday-Monday or Friday-Sunday

Experience, Skills and Abilities: MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: High school diploma or equivalency, preferred. Experience working in a manufacturing environment, preferred.

Hours/Employment Type: Full time, Unique Shift - 6am-6pm, Saturday-Monday or Friday-Sunday

Salary: $17.50 + shift premium

Contact: Email Lindsay Muench or call 920-449-7987

How to Apply: Please visit our online posting