Line Attendant (Summer Help)

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Job Title: Line Attendant (Summer Help)

Company: Sartori Company

Location: Plymouth, Wi

Description: The Line Attendant removes raw materials from packaging, loads the processing line, performs equipment change overs, and quality checks and packages finished products.

  • Removes raw materials from pallets, bags, boxes or totes. Feeds raw materials in correct quantities, based on formulas and product specifications.
  • Performs general housekeeping for the Converting department including sweeping, removing cardboard, garbage bags and pallets from staging or process area(s).
  • Inspects cheese and materials for mold, dirt or foreign substance.
  • Cleans cheese with a knife or segregates cheese on a pallet for cleaning as needed.
  • Fills cellulose, salt, and/or ingredient dispenser(s) to maintain supply for production.
  • Performs production equipment change-overs, cleaning, and/or assemblies as required..
  • Sets up, operates, maintains and sanitizes equipment, using cleaning chemical materials.
  • Prepares and opens bags for packaging wedges. Weighs and labels wedges to established specifications.
  • Inspects, packages and boxes deli-cups, wedges, vacuum packed wheels and bags.
  • Completes all paperwork associated with essential job functions.

Experience, Skills and Abilities: 

  • WORK ENVIRONMENT: Typically cool + dry
  • High school diploma or equivalency, preferred. Experience working in a manufacturing environment, preferred.

Hours/Employment Type: Seasonal work. Sample work schedule: 8 hour shifts: 1st, 2nd or 3rd Shift OR 12 hour weekend only shifts 

Wages: $17.50 / hour

Contact: Email Lindsay Muench or call 920-449-7987

How to Apply: Please visit our online posting