Logistics Coordinator - La Crosse, WI

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Job Title: Logistics Coordinator

Company: Agropur

Location: La Crosse, Wisconsin

Description: The Logistics Coordinator is responsible for assigning and coordinating all controlled shipments to achieve the best cost, customer service level and transit times.  This position works with all US Agropur employees, facilities, outside warehouses, and customer shipments. And is responsible for building relationships with truckload and LTL carriers to ensure that service levels are met and filing loss and damage claims with carriers to recover costs associated with damaged or lost shipments. The Logistics Coordinator makes logistics decisions to provide the best customer service to Agropur and its customers, managing the TMS and auditing freight in the ERP as well as managing data through internal systems.

  • Manage daily logistics shipments that includes preparing orders, select and notify carriers, and tender shipments to Agropur’s carrier base along with providing dock scheduling when needed for shipments. Keep all carrier information, locations information, and freight requirements updated and correct daily in Agropur’s systems.  Troubleshoot issues with shipments and carriers.

  • Manage logistics information in the internal systems to maintain shipment accuracy daily.

  • Work with internal departments to ensure shipment information is relayed to the appropriate departments, product is delivered on time and customer expectations are met

  • Manage and maintain shipments for other US facilities to provide on time, quality service.

  • Work closely with other employees at outside facilities to collect needed information, assign carriers, track shipments and follow up with designated facility.

  • Participate and provide input for the RFI/RFP process.

  • Manage and coordinate fleet truck(s) and driver(s) schedule to provide the best savings for the organization. Schedule all appointments and facilitate any needs between driver(s) and vendor/customer. Tracks monthly savings for Agropur fleet.

This list of duties and responsibilities is not all-inclusive and may be expanded to include other duties and responsibilities, as management may deem necessary from time to time. 

Experience, Skills and Abilities: 

The Requirements (Minimum Qualifications): 

  • Bachelors’ degree in accounting or business administration required.
  • Equivalent combination of education and/or experience may be considered.
  • Minimum three (3) years of experience in office environment required.

The Extras (Preferred Qualifications):  

    • Logistic experience preferred.

    Hours/Employment Type: Full Time

    Salary: N/A

    How to Apply: Please visit our website