Nominate Industry Leaders for 2020 WCMA Recognition Awards

Posted By: Rebekah Sweeney WCMA News,

The Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association (WCMA) is calling for nominations of individuals to be considered for formal recognition in 2020 for their outstanding contributions to the dairy processing industry.  WCMA members have through Friday, August 16 to make their recommendations for the following awards.

The WCMA Cheese Industry Champion award is given to industry leaders who, through their everyday business decisions, have created tremendous opportunity for others and spurred industry growth.  People to be considered are the CEOs, Directors, Presidents, and Vice Presidents of their companies who may not have cheesemaking obligations but lead and direct resources.  In 2019, Dave Fuhrmann of Foremost Farms USA and Lou Gentine of Sargento Foods were honored with this award.  Click here to submit a nomination.

The WCMA Distinguished Service Award recognizes supplier partner members who have played a significant role in building the success of the United States dairy industry, contributing innovations in dairy manufacturing.  In 2019, this award went to Joe and John Koss of Koss Industrial and Ron Kremer of Kerry. Click here to submit a nomination.

The WCMA Vanguard Award is reserved for cheesemakers or cheese manufacturing employees who are considered groundbreakers for their innovations in day-to-day dairy operations.  In 2019, this award was presented to Dale Baumgartner of Tillamook Creamery and Terry Lensmire of Agropur. Click here to submit a nomination.

The WCMA Babcock Award recognizes the contributions of those in education or affiliate organizations to partner with cheesemakers in the pursuit of dairy industry innovation and excellence.  In 2019, WCMA honored Dr. Rusty Bishop of Schreiber Foods and Dr. John Lucey of the Center for Dairy Research with this award.  Click here to submit a nomination.

All nominations will be considered by the members of the WCMA Recognition Committee in September with final awards determinations made by the WCMA Board of Directors in December.  Awards will be presented at 2020 CheeseExpo, set for April 14-16 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Questions may be directed to WCMA Communications, Education, and Policy Director Rebekah Sweeney.