Whey Technologist

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Job Title: Whey Technologist

Company: Agropur

Location: Jerome, Idaho

Description:The Whey Technologist works as part of a collaborative team to implement continuous improvement practices, troubleshoot production problems and assist with process development in the production of whey/dairy based ingredients.

  • Improve the quality and/or efficiency of existing unit operations and procedures used to manufacture whey/dairy ingredients.

  • Collaborate with internal and external personnel to develop systems and procedures for new unit operations for the production of whey/dairy ingredients.

  • Revise or create reports for the purposes of yielding, exception reporting, lab data analysis, process trending or other metric evaluation.

  • Accurately analyze and interpret data.

  • Identify problem areas or areas for improvement in the production of whey ingredients, develop a plant to resolve, execute the plan.

  • Work with plant, corporate and other outside resources to resolve production issues such as cleaning, product losses, capacity limitations, out-of-spec products, and excess waste or effluent.

  • Develop and write Standard Operating Procedures for whey/dairy production and cleaning processes.

  • Collaborate with and support Technical Services and R&D on projects and initiatives.

Experience, Skills, and Abilities: 

The Requirements (Minimum Qualifications):

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science, Dairy Science, Analytical Chemistry, Engineering or relevant field required.

  • Equivalent combination of education and/or experience may be considered.

  • Minimum three (3) years of dairy ingredients processing experience required.

The Extras (Preferred Qualifications):

  • Experience in a dairy plant and/or laboratory preferred.

Hours/Employment Type: Full Time

Salary: N/A

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