Agricultural Advocates Urge Action on Wisconsin Food Labeling Bills

Posted By: Rebekah Sweeney Advocacy, WCMA News,

June 21, 2021

Dear Assembly Representatives,

We write to respectfully request your support for Assembly Bill 73, Assembly Bill 74 and, Assembly Bill 75 which have been
calendared for Session tomorrow in the Assembly. These proposals are a top priority for Wisconsin’s dairy farmers, cheese
processors and beef producers.

Assembly Bill 73 and Assembly 74 would prohibit the labeling of food as milk or as a dairy product or ingredient if the food is not
made from the milk of a cow or other hooved mammal. Assembly Bill 75 would prohibit labeling plant-based meat alternatives
and cell-cultured meat alternatives as “meat” or similar terms, such as “burger,” “sausage,” or “bacon.” This would apply to
packaging on products sold in stores, on restaurant menus, and on promotional materials.

The Truth-in-food labeling proposals promote greater transparency and clarity for consumers, as well as fairness for farmers,
processors and beef producers who have worked for generations to establish their products’ reputations for safety, nutritional
quality and enjoyment. The bills will also bring Wisconsin in line with existing but currently unenforced U.S. Food and Drug
Administration regulations related to milk and dairy products. While we recognize federal interstate commerce rules requires the
support of other states for the proposals to take effect, we consider it vitally important for Wisconsin – America’s Dairyland – to
take a principled stand and be heard on this issue.

The Assembly Committee on Agriculture advanced these proposals on April 7. All three enjoy bipartisan support. Identical
versions of these bills were unanimously approved by the full Assembly in 2020, before the pandemic required the Senate to
pause its action.

On behalf of the more than 2,800 dairy farms, dairy processors and over 14,000 beef producers in Wisconsin, we encourage you
to act now to protect American consumers and to defend our state’s $105 billion agriculture community.


Cooperative Network

Dairy Business Association

GrassWorks, Inc.

Midwest SouthEastern Equipment Dealers Association

Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Agri-Business Association

Wisconsin Cattlemen's Association

Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association

Wisconsin Corn Growers Association

Wisconsin Dairy Products Association

Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation

Wisconsin Farmers Union

Wisconsin Pork Association

For a PDF of this letter, click here.