WCMA Recognizes 2020 Contest Leaders with Awards

Posted By: Rebekah Sweeney WCMA News,

The Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association (WCMA), proud host of the 2020 World Championship Cheese Contest, is honoring Craig Linz, Kobus Mulder, and FROMARTE for outstanding contributions to the event.

“Our Championship Cheese Contests would not be possible without the tireless efforts of our judges and volunteers,” said Kirsten Strohmenger, WCMA Events Manager.  “We thank them for their commitment to the integrity of our competition and enthusiasm for Contest growth.”

The Eggebrecht Award: Craig Linz

The Eggebrecht Award, named for Contest Committee Chairman and “B-Team” founder Brian Eggebrecht of Welcome Dairy, has been presented to Craig Linz, a Contest volunteer for more than 15 years known for his drive, good humor, and generosity.

Linz works as Customer and Category Manager, Cheese & Whey for Tetra Pak Inc., based in Minnesota, and is a long-time active WCMA member, currently serving on the Board of Directors and the Supplier and Recognition Committees.

The Aschebrock Award: Kobus Mulder

The Aschebrock Award, named for Contest Chief Judge Emeritus Bob Aschebrock, has been presented to Kobus Mulder, a World Championship Cheese Contest Judge since 2006 appreciated for his comprehensive cheese knowledge and thorough evaluations.

Mulder works as an advisor to cheese manufacturers, with his primary focus on quality cheese methods and profitability.  He is based in South Africa.

The Schlinsog Award: FROMARTE

The Schlinsog Award, named for Contest Chief Judge Emeritus Bill Schlinsog, has been presented to FROMARTE, for its support of Contest growth.  FROMARTE is a foundation of Swiss cheese specialists, which works to maintain the culture of Swiss cheese production in rural areas and the unique quality and diversity of Swiss cheese products.  In addition to supporting greater engagement in Contest competition, FROMARTE supplies expert Contest judges, including Christian Schmutz and Stefan Truttman in 2020.